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Why Guys Are Loving Talent


"It's like taking a shot of plant powered greens, but for your skin. As a Californian, the environment is front and center. Talent's commitment to sustainable, clean ingredients and development resonates with me strongly. Highly recommend."

Adam T.
San Francisco, CA

"Talent checks the boxes when it comes to sustainable products for the body. I have fair olive skin with no history of acne; however I do have rosacea, a skin condition that can cause redness under the eyes and cheeks. Therefore, it's important for me to rely on products that won't cause further irritation.

Josh H.
Los Angeles, CA

"What I love about Talent is how easy it is on my skin. Using the exfoliator after a long day of work with multiple layers of sunscreen mixed with sweat helps me reset. I've used a lot of facial cleansers and exfoliators in the past, but nothing treats my skin the way Talent does."

Colin F.
Sterling, VA

"I'm a huge fan of Talent and I can't recommend their products enough. I don't like to spend a ton of time on my skincare routine so it's great to feel like I'm covering all my bases with the Talent products. They're also very easy to travel with. I value their commitment to sustainability as that's a hugely important issue for me."

Luke T.
Brooklyn, NY

"Talent's full routine gives me a clean and healthy face wherever I go. I really saw a difference when other people started complimenting my skin, which gave me self-confidence knowing that my progress is real. I have oily skin which can sometimes be difficult to find effective products, but Talent makes everything convenient for me."

Franklin T
Hyattsville, MD

"I like how Talent provides simple instructions, transparency in their ingredients, and their cruelty-free process for testing formulas. My skincare routine was non-existent until I was killing my skin from hours of sun exposure. Thanks to Talent, I was able to start a simple routine for my active lifestyle."

Kevin H.
Seattle, WA

"My skin feels clean and clear all day long no matter if it's 100 degrees of freezing out! The moisturizer is also a great addition to my shaving routine and makes my skin feel amazing after a fresh shave. I generally use Talent in the morning after working out and away from home all day, and I never feel like my skin is too oily or dried out.

Raman A.
New York, NY
What's our talent?

Clean. Simple. Effective.

We collaborated with industry-leading chemists from South Korea to combine innovative skincare technology with environmentally-conscious, high quality ingredients that are designed for men with sensitive skin. We’ve balanced simplicity with effectiveness by using sustainable alternatives like RSPO certified palm oil, perlite, and plant-based surfactants. At Talent's core, our products cohesively strengthen and rebuild the skin barrier so no matter the environment or lifestyle, you have Talent.

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More Than Just The Ingredients

Every man deserves quality skincare and the confidence that comes with it. We’re not trying to change who you are. Quite the opposite - we want you to feel more like you than ever. Comfortable and confident in your own skin.